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Founded in 1919, RAMCAR Batteries Inc. is one of the leading independent lead acid battery manufacturers in the United States, and is the leading battery manufacturer in the Philippines.

​Ramcar produces a complete line of domestic and foreign automotive and commercial batteries. Our state of the art Philippine facility is highly automated and proudly ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and IATF-16949 Certified. In 1989, RAMCAR entered the US-North American market with manufacturing, distribution, and sales operations based in the City of Commerce, in Southern California.

With the RAMCAR tradition of quality and more than 100 years of local and overseas experience, our fast, flexible and friendly RAMCAR staff are ready to meet all of your battery requirements.

Supply Chain Excellence

RAMCAR’s West Coast facilities are a part of our transcontinental manufacturing network that is comprised of our direct-ship container programs from the Philippines to your dock, and formation, and distribution out of Los Angeles. These capabilities, coupled with extensive distribution networks throughout North America, have established RAMCAR as a reliable, market-leading black box supplier for over 30 years.

The Ramcar Advantage

Why Choose Us

  • Maintenance Free and Maintenance Accessible automotive & commercial batteries
  • A full line of batteries as well as a US formation facility, offering two week lead times
  • Custom-built batteries to meet customer-specific needs
  • Expertise in exporting batteries all around the world
  • Experience in manufacturing quality batteries since 1919
  • Competitive Prices

100+ Years of
Dedicated Service

100+ Years of Dedicated Service

Distribution Spanning 43+ Countries

Distribution Spanning 43+ Countries

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